The act of denying people to enjoying full right to education on the basis of age and gender. Being born in a humble family, struggled to make life forced to studying in long distant school with no chairs, due to the belief that elder brothers had to go to high school first had to repeat to allow an elder brother to go to school.

Parents not considering that delay as demoralizing and killing emotionally had to accept the pain and move on. Scored good marks and managed to go to well-performing school the one year delay really affected high school performance and had to adjust and move on.

Unfortunately, did not manage to join university had to look for a course torn apart from two sponsors, to join Nursing course and computer course, but within heart wanted to practice nursing and one paying school fees insisted that do computer had to do without any option.

Life is a real struggle

Life is a real struggle, young energetic youth full of enthusiasm have to go through and nagging parents to see every step of success. Advice to parents, let the kids explore and see the other side of the world that way they will understand the meaning and price they have to pay in order to succeed that will decide who they want to be, why, how and what that is the beauty of life itself you decide your destiny.

Please note if one is encouraged to develop an interest he already has at an early age the better and life in itself will not be a struggle, the way it is expressed is, however, all important. If it is expressed as demand it surely instead drive the desires and dreams away.

Let’s encourage small kids to be more aggressive and work on a timeline, keep them busy every day and surely results will be evidence. If mentored and allowed to attend a school like any other kid at an early age results at the end is evidence.