In illegal breeding facilities, dogs and cats often live in unsatisfactory conditions. Commercial breeders breed dog and cat breeds for profit; they often abuse the animals.

Inhumane Conditions

Illegal breeding facilities have the main purpose – to profit. Breeders neglect animals with unsuitable diet, lack of water, insufficient care of fur. The future pets sleep in the feces.


Bitches are just a source of income; commercial breeders admit them in every heat and give birth as long as their physical condition allows. At the same time, the breeders decide which dog to cover the bitch, regardless of their health, origin, and character or exterior characteristics.

Due to the absence of control, individuals closely related or ill often cross. Because of this, puppies tend to be sick or with congenital disabilities. The traffickers cover up this circumstance with false excuses and compensate for the ailments at a low price. However, this will subsequently exceed the cost of veterinary care many times over. Expired vaccines and falsified vaccination cards are no exception.

Public’s Demand

Commercial breeders’ activity is directly conditioned by the public’s demand, mostly for fashionable breeds, whose price is not low. The goal is to achieve the highest possible earnings at the lowest possible cost. Tax evasion also occurs in the case of commercial breeders.

If you decide to get a puppy, choose a certified kennel. Breeders will be happy to show you the puppy’s parents and the environment in which he was born. Illegal breeders have a perfectly trained story of why they can’t show you the puppy’s parents. Are you sure that the bitch in the advertisement photo is really the biological mother of your pet?

The only way not to support breeding grounds is to buy only dogs with a pedigree or to adopt an abandoned animal from a shelter.

Author: Terri Morrison
Featured image by congerdesign from Pixabay 
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