Fashion designers resort to the use of biodegradable materials. Similarly, vegan sneakers are on it. The company used organic cotton, cork, and seaweed to make them.

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The manufacturers have incorporated an ecologically degradable insole and sole into the vegan sneakers Yaya Lavender Roamers and Unity Purple by Jason Momoa, both made of seaweed. These soles made of algae are the most distinctive and special feature of these vegan sneakers.

“The sole of these limited-reach sneakers is extremely healthy and beneficial to our environment because they help reduce decay when it reacts with microbes present in landfills. “This was reported by So iLL.

Exaggerated Algae Transformed into an Insole

Like anything that is overpopulated, algae affect the surrounding ecosystems in some way. This also applies to seaweed, which is used to make insoles for vegan tennis players. If overgrown algae get out of control, their rich flowers cover the surface, prevent sunlight from reaching plants and animals, and draw oxygen from the water.

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These algae are provided by a company called BLOOM, which effectively transforms algae into a sustainable vegan material. BLOOM aims to maintain a healthy ecosystem and provide assistance in reducing water pollution.

Biodegradable Products

In addition to vegan sneakers, the company produces other sustainable goods, including shirts, masks, sandals, climbing shoes, and chalk bags. All these products are 100% biodegradable. Algae, organic cotton, recycled polyester, and recycled plastic are used for their production.

The market offers more green projects in the field of clothing and fashion. For example, Nick and Steve Tidball make T-shirts that decompose in 12 weeks after throwing them out to a landfill; eco-friendly vegan leather made of mushrooms by MycoWorks, or eyewear made of coffee by Ukraine pioneer.

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