The Chinese company has introduced a unique drone that looks like a dragonfish. The underwater robot, almost indistinguishable from a live fish, attracted a lot of attention, surpassing even super modern military technology. The creators of robotic fish hope it could be used in science.

Hi-Tech Fish Drone Development

The Chinese company Boya Gongdao presented a unique project: an underwater drone or “dragonfish” drone. Robotic fish became a hit at this year’s June Military Expo in Beijing.

The hyperrealistic bionic drone, equipped with several sensors and advanced technologies, lasts for 6 to 8 hours in the water. The robotic Arowana moves naturally in the aquarium, so at first glance, it was not known that it was a sophisticated robot.

Arowana Fish Drone Applying

The robotic dragonfish has surpassed even the most modern military equipment, including tanks, missiles, and potentially deadly weapons. Like other drones, it can be used for monitoring and data collection.

The creators of this incredibly realistic robotic fish believe that it could find application in education and scientific research, or in marine biology research, for example. Given the circumstances of her performance, however, its potential in espionage cannot be overlooked either.

The Malayan Baramundi (Scleropages formosus), also known as the Asian Arowana or Malayan Arowana, is a popular fish in Southeast Asia. The gold and red dragonfish which measure up to 90 centimeters are Chinese symbols of good luck and wealth.

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