Almost 38% of US citizens aged between 18 to 29 believe that couples should think about climate when considering having children, while 33% of adults aged between 20 to 45 cited climate change as a reason to have fewer babies. According to this new research done by psychologists from university in Bath, 40% of the 10 000 young people who were asked in an international survey said that they are hesitant to become parents in the future. One of the major reasons was stated as fears or concerns that one’s child will not have a good life.

Why potential parents may be reluctant to have offspring

Each new child raised in a developed country means 58.6 tons of CO2 equivalent emissions per year. That is a huge long-term impact a person can make on the Earth’s climate. Add consumption of resources such as water, food, and energy, while simultaneously causing further pollution to land, water, and there you have several reasons why young people can decide to live childless lives. Not to mention a whole bunch of other anxieties, which can be economic, political, job-related, and so on. 

What about the next generation of potential environmentalists?

There are many reasons, opinions, and arguments on this topic. One of the examples is that we should keep having children because we need someone who is gonna take care of our environment in the future. Of course, not every child is going to grow up as an environmentalist but with the right lead, we are the people who can help to raise an environmentally conscientious generation and thus help our planet.

Above all, no one should feel forced into being a parent. Wanting to have kids or not is a deeply personal decision, so follow your gut if you feel strongly one way or the other.


Photo credit: Pixabay