Plastic waste is a big problem in all countries of the world and it is very important that it is recycled. Another major problem is the coronavirus, which is responsible for a huge number of deaths in many countries. The Thai Taffeta textile factory, located near Bangkok, got a great idea. They used a large number of discarded plastic bottles here to start making medical protective equipment and clothing from them.

Production of protective equipment from plastic bottles

There is currently very little protective medical equipment against coronavirus in this country. Here, plastic bottles are divided into fibers. These fibers are used to make a waterproof fabric, which is ideal for the production of protective equipment. A large number of protective equipment is colored in the iconic red-orange color and then sent to Thai Buddhist temples.

Here, monks oversee the cremation of coronavirus victims. About 18 plastic bottles are needed to make 1 PPE suit. So far, around 18 million bottles have been recycled here for the production of protective equipment. Through this activity, Thai Taffeta helps save both the environment and human lives. The production of textiles from plastic bottles could become an inspiration for other countries where there is a lack of protective equipment.

Source & credit: Reuters