The loss of trees and forest stands is a global problem. We lose forests due to drought, accidental and purposeful forest fires, cultivation and urbanization. Some countries prefer industry to protect the environment. Every year our Planet loses a forest area equivalent to the UK.

When Moirangthem Loiya Ngamba returned to his home village in 2002, he was welcomed only by the wilderness and empty slopes instead of the green forests. The memories of his childhood had been so strong that he decided to return the surroundings of the village to the original state he had in his memory. He did not wait for someone else to do it. He took the situation into his own hands and began to act.

As a Castaway

He left his job as a medical representative. In the Maru Longal area, he purchased land, built a hut in Punshilok, where he lived as an exile, and began building his green dream.

In the beginning there were only three kinds of seeds. Several friends and volunteers helped him prepare part of the land and plant the first seeds. Water for irrigation was obtained from a nearby spring

Rich Flora

Since the first three types of seeds were planted in 2002, the fauna has grown to 250 plant species, including oak, magnolia, and jack-fruit teak; and 25 variants of bamboo. The newly built forest has become a home for wildlife, snakes and birds that have started to return. The residents greatly appreciate the temperature drop that the forest provides.

Loiya lives a simple life, is employed in his brother’s pharmacy and is devoted to organic farming. His lifelong plan is to continually expand the forest. Moirnagthem Loiya and his allies will continue to struggle to win another acre of forest land for the future of his country. He is assisted by the Wildlife and Habitat Protection Society (WHPS) he founded with his group to take care of this lush 300-hectare green forest.

It is a story based on a real event, where love for nature, stubbornness and firm will prevail over profit and comfort. Punshilok is now famous all over India and beyond. Attracts visitors who want to see this story with their own eyes.


Fortunately, worlds nations take the situation seriously. They plan huge afforestation projects. This year, India, which supported Loiya and his group, planted 220 million trees in a single day. In 2016, the Indians planted 50 million trees in 24 hours. They achieved a new world record and entry in the Guinness Book of Records.

Source and credit:, twitter/ANI