Indonesia is a place where there are no age restrictions on smoking. It is common for children to smoke here from the age of 2 or 3. The harmfulness of smoking is taboo. There is a low level of education and few people know about the harmfulness of smoking. Indonesia has become a wild west for the tobacco industry. There are many ads for tobacco products, you will find them literally every step of the way. People of all ages smoke here. Most of them smoke to death. Indonesia is the fastest growing cigarette market in the world. Cigarette manufacturers sponsor almost all events here, from concerts to sporting events.

A country controlled by the tobacco industry

This country is a medical time bomb. Cigarette manufacturers have literally enslaved it and are destroying the health of the locals. More and more people are dying of lung cancer. There is intense marketing pressure to make people smoke as much as possible. Cigarettes have become a weapon of mass destruction. It is necessary to lay down laws that limit smoking and the influence of tobacco companies. Awareness is also very important so that people know what effects smoking has on their health. Watch a shocking report from Unreported World below.

Source & credit: Unreported World