Who would not love instant noodles, they are so delicious and in many flavors. You just unpack them, add the packaged ingredients, pour boiling water over them and after a while you have a snack ready. But there is one big but. Some people think that it is not a completely healthy food, some suspect it and some do not solve it. If you walk around the shelves with instant noodles day in and day out and think about whether to reach for them or not, we will solve your dilemma and see how it is with noodles.

What are instant noodles?

These are pre-cooked noodles, which are cooked in the factory and then dehydrated. They are most often sold in packages or in paper bowls. Many people consider them a fast food that satisfies them well. However, you will find almost no nutrients in this dish. Noodles usually contain only flour, salt, palm oil and unhealthy additives. For a block of dried noodles, you usually have ingredients available, ie a small package with oil and a package with a loose mixture. The loose mixture most often contains salt, spices and sodium glutamate. Sodium glutamate is associated with weight gain and even with increased blood pressure, headache and nausea. Most instant noodles are low in calories, fiber and protein, but high in fat, carbohydrates, sodium and some micronutrients.

instant noodles

Unhealthy food? Definitely yes

They are popular mainly because of their price and are often consumed by students and people who have deep pockets. Interest in them dropped significantly when a video appeared on the Internet a few years ago showing how instant noodles did not decompose even after 2 hours in the stomach. Although a pack of noodles may look harmless, it is not harmless. It is a very processed food and in addition to unhealthy sodium glutamate, we can find artificial flavors, thickeners, acidity regulators, substances that enhance taste and aroma. Regular consumption of instant noodles is associated with the risk of metabolic syndrome.

Which alternative to choose?

Simply prepare fresh noodles, it only takes a few minutes more. If you want to stay with instant noodles, you better reach for rice hair noodles. There are also noodles with a lower sodium content or noodles enriched with various nutrients on the market. However, it is still not an ideal food. It is necessary to take into account the fact that it is always only a necessary meal replacement and should not become a regular part of the diet. The apparent time savings can have a very negative effect on your health in the long run.