The international human rights NGO Human Rights Watch has issued a new major report stating that the State of Israel uses persecution and systematic discrimination in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, i. e. practices that were previously known mainly from South Africa during the Apartheid Era. The report by the Human Rights Watch can be seen as an actual threshold crossed as it is the first official statement, which openly accuses the Israeli authorities of committing the crimes of apartheid and persecution.

The report was issued at a very critical time when Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas postponed holding parliamentary elections to be held in the Occupied Territories. He justified his decision by saying that Israel had rejected a request that Palestinians living in Israeli-occupied territories could participate in the elections.

Given the historical context of the establishment of the State of Israel, this is a politically, culturally, but also socially very sensitive topic. For a long time, state authorities have applied different approaches to people of Jewish or Palestinian origin regarding their access to education and health care and civil and human rights in general.


Photo: Youtube: Israeli Defense Forces – “Soldiers Of Israel” (2018 ᴴᴰ)