Kanye West is one of the most famous singers in the USA. Not everyone likes his music, but you will surely admire him for this act. He admitted that BLM is a fraud. He is back in the headlines again after showing off his YZY SZN 9 collection in Paris on Monday while wearing a black shirt that read “White Lives Matter.” This Grammy-winning musician along with famous conservative personality, Candace Owens wore “White Lives Matter.”

It is important to understand that BLM has racist undertones and that all lives matter, regardless of race.

The ‘White Lives Matter’ t-shirt was also worn by the catwalk models.

Credit: Kanye West/YouTube
Credit: Kanye West/YouTube

Before the presentation, West made a speech in which he declared, “You can’t manage me. This is an unmanageable situation.”

Watch the video below:

Kanye West plucked up the courage to tell the world the truth

Even after getting harsh criticism from black celebrities, the 45-year-old artist refused to back down from his controversial “White Lives Matter” attire at Paris Fashion Week in France.

Kanye even declared that BLM was a scam.

The New York Post reported:

“Despite fierce backlash from black celebrities — including a walkout from Jaden Smith — Kanye “Ye” West is not apologizing for his controversial “White Lives Matter” attire during Paris fashion week in France.

In fact, the 45-year-old rapper recently doubled down on his criticism of Black Lives Matter in a Tuesday Instagram story.

“Everyone knows that Black Lives Matter was a scam,” he declared, seemingly referencing the group’s multiple multimillion-dollar scandals. “Now it’s over. You’re welcome.”

The Chicago-born rapper was addressing the controversy that began after he donned a T-shirt emblazoned with “White Lives Matter” while staging a surprise Yeezy fashion show that showcased his Season 9 clothing line. Various models, including Lauryn Hill’s 23-year-old daughter Selah Marley, also hit the runway in shirts bearing the slogan, which was created by white supremacists in response to the Black Lives Matter movement. It has since been labeled a “hate slogan” by the Anti-Defamation League.”


Credit: Kanye West