Broken bones, painful burns, dirt and darkness in crowded halls. That’s how crossbred chickens live. Do you think that chicken meat is healthy and that chickens run on green pastures? The reality is often shocking. Deformed chickens are bred to grow extremely fast. They face brutal pain and have short lives.

This is how chickens are raised in the Czech Republic

All over the world we find farms where chickens are raised in an inhumane way. If you think this doesn’t apply to modern Europe, where breeding rules are often strict, you’re wrong. The non-profit organization “OBRAZ” published shocking footage from three farms in the Czech Republic. Specifically, it concerns the farms Blšany u Loun, Dubějovice and Lány.

A crippled chicken can’t even stand up. Credit: OBRAZ –

The goal is only to make as much profit as possible

Around 140 million chickens are raised for meat in the Czech Republic every year. Most are fast-growing breeds. They are bred in such a way that they gain the largest possible volume of muscle mass in a record short time and that their breeding costs as little money as possible. The Economist magazine claims that in 1957, an 8-week-old chicken weighed 1 kilogram. In 2005, chickens of the same age weighed 4 kilograms.

Overbred chickens can’t even walk. Credit: OBRAZ –

Chickens are treated like machines

In large chicken farms, chickens are not treated like animals, but like meat machines. Many companies from all over the world have pledged to improve the living conditions of chickens according to the requirements set out in the European Chicken Commitment (ECC). There are still many companies that refuse to address the conditions in which chickens live, and this includes companies in the Czech Republic.

Credit: OBRAZ –

Breeding has made chickens crippled

“Breeding has turned chickens into complete cripples. A cute little chick becomes a more than two-kilogram monster in five weeks due to re-breeding, which can barely support its own body. Their legs break under the onslaught of muscles, and often they cannot even reach food and die of hunger or thirst. This is systemic animal abuse, to which we can no longer turn a blind eye,” Radim Trojan from OBRAZ, the head of the Rapid Chickens campaign, describes the chicken farms.

Many chickens die prematurely in pain. Credit: OBRAZ –

There is a need to solve this problem

It is necessary that as many people as possible become aware of this problem and that no one buys chickens that are raised in such a brutal way. The organization published all photos and videos on the website, where people can learn more about the conditions in which the chickens live. Although chickens are raised for meat, they are living creatures and deserve better living conditions.

Credit: OBRAZ –

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