Some people are comfortable living in modern society, but some feel like slaves in it, constantly having to pay for things that should be free for everyone. Are there still any real vacancies? There is one such place in the USA, and it is the last free place in America. It’s called Slab City and it works like other cities, there are street names, neighbors and people have their dwellings. No one is controlled here, their own laws apply and no one has to pay land rent.

A free city in the desert

It is a squatter community in the Sonoran Desert, Southern California. The inhabitants, Slabbers, live in broken trailers or old school buses. People enjoy freedom here, but they have no electricity, no sewage, and no running water. Despite these disadvantages, they are thrilled to be able to live freely in the beautiful wasteland, completely independent of the system. People here have an Internet cafe where they can connect to the Internet and enjoy fresh coffee.

Watch a short film from ENDEVR Documentary below that shows how life is in the last free place.

Credit: ENDEVR Documentary