Many areas around the world are suffering from dangerous heat waves. High temperatures can endanger our health. Many people collapse or even die due to overheating of the body. One of the best ways to cool off your body is to cool off in the pool. Many people don’t have a pool and often don’t even have the money to buy one.

Get inspired by these farmers’ ideas

A group of farmers came up with a way to create a swimming pool in the cheapest way. They made it out of hay bales. It took them four days to make. Jack Smith and his 12 friends worked on the production. First, they created a large pit using straw bales. They placed tarpaulins in the created pit and then filled it with water for two days.

“We were at the pub and it was boiling, so we thought the next day we’d build a pool as a kind of hangover cure,” said smith, a farmer from Uttoxeter, Staffordshire. “The whole project took four days, and there were about 13 of us working on it together—we couldn’t have done it without working as a team.”

“We’re really happy with the result—it’s the perfect way to cool down in the heat. We’re hoping to keep it for the rest of the summer, but already the water pressure has caused some leaks in the bales,” he added. “We’ve patched them up for now though, so hopefully that does the trick!”

Currently, heat waves are bothering Europe in particular and forest fires are increasing. It is important to drink a sufficient amount of fluids, not to exert yourself and to constantly cool down the body. A pool is a great choice and the video above is proof that it doesn’t have to be difficult to make.

Image credit: SWNS