Citizens for Sanity is an American group that highlights the absurdity of left-wing ideology. It aims to restore common sense and the ideology of anti-critical thinking to America. The group wants to emphasize the importance of logic and reason and defeat “wokeism.”

Stop the slaughter!

Citizens For Sanity recently released its new national ad “STOP THE SLAUGHTER!”. The powerful ad exposes the woke leftist politicians transforming our cities into a hell of violence and death.

Here are some screenshots from the video:

The actions of many politicians brought a great wave of violence. This is particularly the approach to immigration. This problem is not only a problem for the US, but also for Europe. Many European capitals have changed beyond recognition, gangs of immigrants run rampant here, increasing crime many times over. Peaceful and peaceful cities often turn into a hell full of violence and fear. Freedom is reduced, censorship is introduced and people are increasingly controlled. It is necessary not to ignore current events and to react. Citizens For Sanity is trying to come up with ads and billboards that remind people of what’s going on around them.

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