Many amazing discoveries are made by chance. Photographer Michael Scott from Birmingham made an incredible discovery when he decided to chase a common rabbit. In a hole in a field near Shifnal in Shropshire (England), he discovered the entrance to the incredible Caynton Caves complex associated with the infamous Knights Templar order. It is a Catholic military order that is known mainly for the Crusades.

Scott, who had always been drawn to caves, had heard legends and rumors about how the Knights Templar had turned them into an underground retreat in the 17th century. He stated, I traipsed over a field to find it, but if you didn’t know it was there you would just walk right past it. It’s probably less than a metre underground, so it’s more into the field than under it. Considering how long it’s been there it’s in amazing condition, it’s like an underground temple.”

Technically off-limits to tourists after black magic rituals allegedly forced the owners to seal their entrance in 2012, the 700-year-old caves contain beautiful arches carved from sandstone, a baptistery and a network of walkways.

Scott described the caves as “quite cramped” and noted that anyone taller would have to bend over to fit inside the complex. Some chambers are so small that those who examine them have to enter them on their knees.

“I had to crouch down and once I was in it was completely silent. There were a few spiders in there but that was it. It was raining so the slope down was quite sludgy but inside the cave was bone dry,” he added.