As the world and its cultures evolve, so do relationships. Women empowerment, social media and online dating are some of the biggest driving forces behind the relationship evolution. The future of relationships might seem bleak but that might not necessarily be the case. More and more people are increasingly prioritizing independence and freedom. Long term commitments are no longer viewed as desirable.

People will be more selective

People will be a lot more choosy in the future. Most individuals will have a checklist of must have traits in a potential partners. These checklists will be strictly adhered to. This will be especially the case with future independent women who will be seeking relationships for completely different reasons than women in earlier generations. Roles in relationships will no longer be defined by gender but by the individual personalities of each partner.

The future of relationships holds in store a lot of therapy which will be accepted as a social norm. People will be more willing to recognize and accept there are issues in their relationships. They will try to identify solutions and if they fail to they will end the relationship. This will be as a result of women holding more and more sway in a relationship.

New technologies

New technologies are changing the face of relationships. Meeting and interacting with new people is way faster. The future of relationships holds in store revolutionary apps or software that will provide match-making services that determine people with compatible genes. Studies on this are already underway and significant inroads have been made into the field.

With such services, sex and relationships will start to have measurable values which will be used to develop compatibility indices. This will result in shortening of relationship life cycles. Relationship performance will be given a metric and from the performance reports of failed relationship, one could be able to know what to look for and do different in the next relationship.

Social media

One disadvantage social media will bring in the future is instant gratification which fades away very quickly. The process of getting to know someone requires time. People reveal their true nature with time. the future of relationships hold in place a lot of unknowns but the only sure thing to expect is the unexpected. The human nature and desire to find love will always remain and people will seek love as it is a human need. But it will prove to be more complicated despite all the efforts to simplify relationships.