The Moscow Times is a daily periodical issued in Russia; it is written in English language. Many interesting articles concerning Russia and its history and contemporary problems are published here.

In the course of the year 2017, centenary of the October Socialist Revolution will be reminded. Besides others it is an opportunity to look back to some aspects of history of the political system brought to life at that moment. Without any doubt, it is interesting for people of all age categories – be it those who remember the second-world war and the February 1948 with all its consequences, the so-called “Russian-language-generation or the young, who saw the light only after the “velvet revolution” – to learn about various aspects of the communist era and thinking at that time. It is possible to find here many interesting and frequently amusing moments.

For example the imagination of the communists about the life exactly in 2017. A series of 45 transparencies concerning this issue coming from the year 1960 has been brought to light at this occasion after more than 50 years. The series was made in the studio at the time when the SU was successfully conquered the Space.

Photon rockets should fly to Alpha Centauri and, even under ground level, new towns are built, where there is permanent spring 100 years after the October revolution. Coal is always mined but people still more frequently penetrate underground to have energy from the core of the earth within easy reach.”

It is not necessary to fight against imperialists any more – they have destroyed themselves and the world was liberated by means of Soviet science.”

Unnecessary hills were destroyed and new channels created by atomic explosions, whereby the flow direction of Ob and Jenisej were turned towards Aral Lake and Caspic Sea.  A huge dam appeared in the Bering Narrow. Nuclear-energy propelled trains circulate on its crest.”

However, there is still a risk coming from elemental forces. And this in spite of the fact that the dangerous story endangering human lives could be soothed  by special „flying laboratories“, exactly in accordance with the slogan: „we will command the wind and the rain…..“ “

Of course, the „fairy tale“ ends with celebration of centenary of the Great October Socialist Revolution; even the weather, which was not exactly ideal could not thwart the celebrations.

In the snap, fascination by meson energy characteristic for that period appears of course.

Series of transparencies for schoolchildren has even funny moments. For example, artificial hand sliding out of clock hanging on the wall will be able to wake up school children.

But there is one matter, where the picture was not mistaken. At the moment when the main hero, – a schoolboy – went to automated canteen to have his breakfast and was connected with his mother by means of a videophone functioning as if he had skype.  At that moment, his mother was making inspection on the board of a ship cruising on the Black Sea.

On the threshold of the 60-ies, the erstwhile Soviet Union competed in conquering the space and it seemed that there was nothing impossible to do for the regime which had thrown down the tsarist autocracy – this was the note added by the periodical The Moscow Times.

The above mentioned periodical is giving attention to the centenary of the Revolution in Russia more frequently. For instance, it has informed about a start-up issuing calendars with propaganda slogans. Pictures to them were made by the painter Andrej Tarusov; however, these pictures are a somehow different from the classic ones. There is always a sexy woman in the centre.

Start-up has won almost thrice more than the necessary 120 thousand roubles. At the same time, the authors have emphasized that they did not want to insult the revolution – that it was just an erotic and humorist work.

Former, Tarusov has prepared a similar calendar to the Olympic Games in Sochi and to Krym, where he let sunbathe naked sexy blonde women at such places, which had belonged to Ukraine until the moment of annexation. This shows that his work is certainly not directed against the regime.