Styrofoam is one of the most dangerous materials used, despite this fact it is used to make millions of products around the world every day. Styrofoam has a negative impact on the environment, wildlife and our health. Many people use products made from Styrofoam every day. These are, for example, food and drink containers or as a packaging material to protect our shipment. According to the EPA, styrofoam is the 5th largest generator of toxic waste.

Why should Styrofoam be banned?

Styrofoam food containers can leach chemicals into food, including its main components – styrene 8 benzene, known carcinogens. When Styrofoam is created, toxic chemicals are released into the atmosphere. This non-biodegradable material can take over 1000 years to completely break down. Broken pieces of this material are often mistaken by marine wildlife for food. This can fatally block their digestive tract.

For more information, see the infographics below: