It’s 2000 years old chariot found in the ancient city of Pompeii near Naples. The chariot is the first of its kind to be discovered in its entirety. Experts at the ancient city unearthed similar objects in the years, buried by volcanic lava in A.D.79.

Now recently, archeologists unearthed more than they can have from Pompeii, Italy. Officials at the ancient site unveiled a completely intact ceremonial carriage — with “erotic images” of men and women decorated with bronze.

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The new discovery was said to be the first ceremonial cart uncovered in full. Lava blazing with a volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in A.D. 79 buried Pompeii. Since it was discovered in the 18th century, the area has yielded many archeological discoveries. At the end of last year, researchers opened a “snack bar.”

The Italian Minister of Culture Dario Franceschini said, “Pompeii will remain to surprise by its findings, and it will be 20 hectares remain to be excavated and will take many years to come.

The Developments

Last year, archaeologists uncovered the skeletal remains of what is thought to have been a rich man and his male slave, trying to escape from death in the same area on the outskirts of Pompeii.

According to park authorities, the vehicle was plundered by modern antiquity thefts, who had dug tunnels through the site, which, according to park authorities, grasped but not damaging the 4-wheeled cart.

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Archeologists believe Perhaps the cart was used for celebrations and parades to bring brides to their new homes. There are two people living at the top of the area, supposedly excavating over 80 meters of tunnels.

Archeologists uncovered the elaborate chariot, still intact in a portico of the villa in the suburb of Civita Giuliana, in which the remains of three horses were found in 2018, and the impressions of organic material such as cords and floral decorations still remain.

According to the officers in the Archeological Park of Pompeii, which is administered by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage of Italy, the collapsed walls and towers of the villa helped maintain the antiquity and chariot being theft of the robbers of the 21st century who dug tunnels at the site near the cart.

The Series of Discoveries Continued

Pompeii is the most ancient city near Naples, which was destroyed from the nearby volcano Vesuvius erupted in A.D.79, killed more than 30,000, and buried the city under up to 10 feet of ash.

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The city was discovered in the 1500s, but the scientific excavation was started late in the 18th century. The development happened after archeologists stated the method of injecting plaster into the voids left by the dead people in the ash layers. The most famous was the chained-up dog.

The technique had been successfully implied on the shapes of three roman horses found in Civita Giuliana a few years ago. Two of them had been tied with bits and bridles, and the possibility is that they had tried to escape the destruction.

Source:, featrued picture handout via BBC.