The number of homeless people is constantly increasing and many cities are trying to solve this social problem in an innovative way. Above all, the homeless need a suitable place to sleep and hide from the winter. Not every homeless person has the courage to sleep in the usual places to accommodate the homeless, mainly because of thefts.

They came up with an interesting solution in the German city of Ulm. Special capsules have been created to allow homeless people to sleep here or survive when there is a lot of frost outside. These capsules can hold up to 2 people and can be locked to keep the homeless safe. The project is called Ulmer Nest. So far, the whole project is in the pilot phase and testing of these capsules is underway.

Inspiration for other cities and states

The capsules are perfectly insulated and there is enough space for luggage or a pet. The look of these capsules is modern to fit the concept of any city. These capsules are not an alternative place to live, but are designed primarily for emergencies. This is a great idea that could be an inspiration for other cities and other countries with a high number of homeless people.

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