We have been addressing climate change and global warming issues for decades. Mainstream puts our attention above all on CO2-related matters, while other influences are not much talked about. Why is this happening? Is anyone trying to hide other topics in the background?

In a 1989 press release, UN officials predicted that entire nations could be wiped off the surface of the Earth if the global warming trend was not averted by 2000. There are lots of catastrophic scenarios.

Highlighted CO2

On the other hand, in some important opinions, they will meet with mockery and the view that human-made CO2 does not play such a significant role.

Professor of Meteorology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Richard S. Lindzen, a member of the US National Academy of Sciences and the Academic Advisory Council of GWPF, stated in his lecture:

“Science itself has become a sort of a slight irrelevance….Stories have been promoted over the last 25-30 years, and they have completely re-directed the Science. But more to the point they’ve also followed Eisenhower’s warning, that fundamentally as the state monopolizes the support of Science it calls the shots. And so you have the scientists, on the one hand, you know, on both sides, presenting I would say not particularly alarming scenarios. Still, then you have the body politic presenting something that does not by in large have the support of Science about, you know, the end of the planet. But resting assured, the Science won’t complain…I don’t think any field survives this degree of corruption without loosing if nothing else its self-respect. In terms of climate science …it’s set back the field probably a few generations. I mean, it forced it into a channel that was not describing most of past climate change. So instead of trying to figure out how the Earth behaved, the field was co-opted into a situation where it was supposed to support a paradigm that the government wanted or that the environmental movement wanted. Hard to disentangle the two, also, because the environmental movement itself has become highly political.  – Dr. Richard Lindzen, an atmospheric physicist who has published more than 200 scientific papers and books. He was the Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and he is actually the lead author of Chapter 7, ‘Physical Climate Processes and Feedbacks,’ of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Third Assessment Report on climate change.”

What Greenpeace Says

Many experts stress that there are many factors, and CO2 should not be considered dominant. While CO2 affects the condition of our planet, there are far worse, neglected factors such as industry, toxic waste storage, pesticide use, and much more.

Dr. Patrick Moore is a founding member of Greenpeace. In his video “What They Haven’t Told You About Climate Change.”

Dr. explains the findings on climate change:

The Sea has been operating in the environment for over 30 years. For nine years, he served as President of Greenpeace Canada and seven years as Director of Greenpeace International.

Solutions have long been found, but it seems that the greedy egos of world elites do not support these steps.

Source and credit: https://www.collective-evolution.com/2019/12/02/what-they-havent-told-you-about-climate-change-according-to-the-co-founder-of-greenpeace/, pixabay.com