The Dutch company, The Mobile Factory, has presented a unique way of how to help regions affected by natural disasters. Pieces of debris are placed in a machine that transforms them into liquid concrete. Consequently, this material is used for creating building blocks that have a similar shape to LEGO. Such blocks can be easily used for quick construction of new houses.

Building of houses in affected regions

The company started to work in Haiti where an earthquake struck years ago leaving around 25 million tons of debris. So far, many families live only in dirty tents with income below the poverty line. A group of Dutch decided to tackle this problem and came up with The Mobile Factory, a unique solution to turn debris into building material.

The mobile factory shall be located in places with lots of debris. One mobile factory can produce blocks to build 10-20 houses per day. This project is also a hope for many other countries that have suffered from natural disasters and where the inhabitants have no place to live. The shape of the LEGO cubes, which the Dutch themselves designed, makes the building really easy. More information can be found on the official website of the project:

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