The population of bees is rapidly declining worldwide. In the United States alone, their number has dropped by about 30% over the past five years. This drop is so sharp that scientists even gave it a name, namely the Honey Bees Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD).

We need to start protecting the bees quickly, or the loss in their numbers shall hit everyone’s lives. It is important to realise that mankind will starve without bees. Around 90% of the world’s food supply comes from 100 different species of crops, and 70% of them are pollinated by bees. If there are no bees, food sources shall become limited, prices will rise, and problems will just continue to grow.

For many people, bees are just a stinging insect; we need to raise awareness of their importance and, in particular, to live in harmony with them and not create a toxic environment full of pesticides that kill them. Let us show you how to increase the protection of bees:

Promote beekeepers

People who support beekeepers also support the local economy. By buying local honey, you support the number of bees and hives in your area. It is also possible to inform local authorities not to use pesticides that reduce the number of bees.

Use honey

Use honey as often as possible for sweetening drinks, desserts or just for the taste of it. Try to use only honey from beekeepers, farmers’ markets, markets or retailers. Wholesalers’ honey is mostly imported from other countries.

Develop your garden

You do not need to have beehives in the garden, it is enough to plant flowers and plants that are bee-friendly and avoid using pesticides and other chemicals that could endanger them. This approach shall naturally contribute to increasing their population.

Increase awareness of the importance of bees

Share your knowledge of the importance of bees with others. Without bees, our ecosystem is unsustainable because bees are important to the majority of flowers, plants, and trees. Honey is also an essential medicine as it is used for a wide range of inflammations, eases fever, and when you drink it in tea, it relieves coughs and has many other benefits. You can also support an unusual holiday – the National Honey Bee Day, which is celebrated since 2009 and is always on the third Saturday in August. There are also many organisations focusing on the protection of bee that you can support.