There are so many beliefs concerning how the world will end, just like there are many prophets, religions, and sects. Different people ranging from the prophets, scientists and philosophers have come up with a different prediction on how the world will end, but they are rather hazy.

Nostradamus prophecy

During the sixteenth century, a prophet by the name Nostradamus seemed to have knowledge concerning how the world will come to an end. Regardless of publishing a lot of almanacks and predictive prophecies about what will happen in future, he discussed much about eschatology in a letter addressed to his son named Cesar.

According to his prophecies, the world will be filled with great floods, and afterwards, there will be massive destruction when a storm from a comet reaches the earth. The description is brief, and it sounds like a business because it does not describe what will happen after the disaster. His description is half way and makes people conclude that there will not be anything afterwards. According to Nostradamus, the world will end after 7000 years, which will be 8555 following the time he wrote his letter.

Mayan calendar

Apart from his predictions, other people came up with different versions of how and when the world will end. None of them have ever been or ever proved to be valid yet. Religion seems to differ with the many predictions concerning the end times. Mayan calendar appeared to end on December 2012, and most people believed that this would be the end of the world. The calendar ended, but the world remained, arousing a lot of questions concerning how and when will the world end.

The idea concerning how the end times will continue to be that the Mayan calendar would begin a new cycle, where it has been starting all the previous years. The reason is that the research conducted at the end time shows that most religions might speak about it, but the eschatology does not seem to manifest the end of the world but rather indicates the end of a particular period. Thus, it is not wrong to assume that Mayan calendar meant the beginning of a new era.

Christians and Muslims

However, both Christians and Muslims uphold different beliefs concerning how the world will end. Christians believe that no one knows when the world will end, but there will be signs. On the other hand, the Muslim community believes that the end times will be manifested by greed and people fighting each other.