Do you know that Egypt produces 20 million tons of tire waste per year? Only 10 percent are recycled. Old tires can be turned into fuel. Engineering students in Cairo now built a rubber recycling machine into alternative fuel. The machine can extract diesel, black carbon and gasoline from rubber tires. After heating tire shreds to create a vapor, they’re able to condense the vapor to create diesel oil.

Mostafa Saeed Ali, Engineering student:

„It is very similar in properties to pure diesel and the carbon or black coal is just left inside the container. We use the carbon or black coal in the production of ink or as a raw material in the production of tires all over again. We also use it for stadium floors.“
„The enviromental benefit is that we are recycling used tires instead of throwing them in the streets and polluting the environment. The industrial benefit is that we extract essential products such as this oil which is very similar to diesel oil and use them in cement and brick factories.“

Tires are non-biodegradable & difficult to discard so this technology could reduce waste.

The good alternative for Egyptians

This might be a good alternative for Egyptians, as fuel in the country is becoming more expensive. Now the students are just making the fuel on a small scale but they are looking for investors. So they can explore the big possibilities of this tech.

source: Reuters,,