What do you imagine under wind power generation? You will certainly be reminded of a large wind farm. However, wind power generation does not only have to take place through large wind farms, but also through flying kites. In many places, the position of a wind farm is inappropriate because it requires the transport of large parts and complex construction. Some people also mind that such buildings disturb the natural character of the landscape. In such cases, the ingenious idea of ​​flying kites generating electricity finds use.

Credit: Kitekraft

Flying wind turbines

The flying wind turbines were created by the German startup Kitekraft. The production of flying wind turbines requires less material and labor. For the production of electricity, a special flying kite is enough, which is equipped with turbines and is attached to the ground with the help of a rope.

Credit: Kitekraft

A flying kite with turbines looks like a small plane. 10 times less material is needed for the implementation than for a conventional wind power plant. This device flies autonomously, is powered by wind and has 8 on-board rotors that generate energy and send it back to the ground via a cable. This flying kite does the same job as a large wind farm. The new technology arose from research at the Technical University of Munich. It will ensure quality electricity production with minimal infrastructure requirements.

Credit: Kitekraft

The technology can also be used in complicated places

These flying turbines can be used even at sea, just use the ground station as a floating buoy. The present invention can make renewables even more affordable. According to KiteKraft, the technology can be used on a small scale as well as on a large scale. First, it is planned to build micro-nets on which each kite has a nominal power between 20 and 100 kilowatts.

Credit: Kitekraft

This technology finds great use, for example, on remote islands, where it is not possible to transport traditional wind turbines. This technology is also suitable for hurricane-prone places, as the kite can be launched to the ground at any time without risk of damage. Gradually, larger installations are planned to make kites that will produce even more electricity.

Below you can see a shot of the company’s test flights.

Below you can see new prototype setup and wind tunnel test.

Further tests and improvements are planned to gradually achieve the design of the final product. The present invention may revolutionize wind technology.

Source & credit: https://www.kitekraft.de