Many people today are troubled by high electricity expenses. Electricity doesn’t have to be expensive, in fact anyone can easily make it. Many people around the world do not have access to electricity. Many people also suffer from power outages, for example after natural disasters. Thanks to a simple invention, he can secure electricity at any time. Billionaire philanthropist Manoj Bhargava came up with an invention called the Hans Free Electric, a hybrid bicycle that generates electricity. Thanks to this invention, you only need to pedal your bike for an hour and you will generate electricity for 24 hours.

An invention that will provide free electricity to everyone

The bike functions through a very simple form of mechanical energy – the flywheel is activated when you pedal, and this powers the generator that charges a battery.

Bhargava says:
“The Free Electric is made with standard bike parts, which makes it easily fixable by any mechanic around the world. The bike is cheap, clean, and practical in terms of providing energy to those who need it most on a global scale. Our target is to start with India, but really it can be used anywhere. There are 1.3 billion people around the world who are still living without access to electricity.”

Bhargava believes that his invention will help change the lives of many people, especially in poor areas. It can improve people’s access to education, entrepreneurship and give them more free time. Electricity can be available absolutely anywhere. With the Hans Free Electric™ bike, you have electricity on demand. There’s no utility bill, no need to buy fuel, no need to wait for the sun to shine or the wind to blow, and no pollution.

Exercise and electricity generation in one

The great thing about this invention is that it combines exercise with electricity production. It’s like riding an exercise bike. Regular pedaling will strengthen your muscles, cardiovascular system and overall physical health. Can you imagine having these machines in every home? People would never be without electricity again. It is clean electricity that is produced without taking up much space, burning fossil fuels or endangering the environment in any way.

According to the inventor, it is the cheapest way to produce electricity in the world. For many people, it will also be a great motivation to get in shape. He is starting with this amazing electricity generating bike in India and hopes to expand it to the whole world after that. This is not new, this bike has been around for several years, but with increasing electricity prices, it could help not only in poor areas, but could be welcome in all countries.


Image credit: Manoj Bhargava