Most people imagine wind turbines as huge devices measuring tens of meters. You don’t need a huge wind turbine to use the wind to generate electricity, but a small device that doesn’t take up much space will do. Aurea Technologies has produced a wind turbine that is so small you can even carry it in your backpack. You can use it to charge all your electronics. Wilderness lovers, explorers or campers no longer need to carry many batteries with them. This turbine will provide them with enough electricity anywhere.

Shine Turbine will generate electricity for you anywhere

The product is called the Shine Turbine and weighs only 3 pounds. You can connect to the turbine via the USB connector and charge your electronics. This invention was recently launched on Kickstarter and on Indiegogo.

This tiny powerhouse has already made over $400,000 in its latest round of crowdfunding. Based in Nova Scotia, the company has paid attention to every detail when designing the product. This turbine was made to have a compact design, light weight and the smallest possible size. The battery in the turbine takes up only a third of its weight.

Credit: Aurea Technologies

A small wind turbine can help in areas where power outages are frequent.

Credit: Aurea Technologies

The turbine blades are made of plastic reinforced with polycarbonate. The turbine looks timeless and futuristic. The original intention of the company was to produce turbines that can be installed in the facade of a building.

Credit: Aurea Technologies

This turbine appeared on the market at a price of 324 dollars per piece. They should be available from October 2022. The amazing thing about this product is that it is easy to produce electricity absolutely anywhere and in an ecological way.

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