According to the United Nations food and agriculture organization approximately 18 million hectares of forest are cut down each year. The portions are too high and pose a threat to the ecosystem. Therefore, people across the world should take up the changes and preserve rainforests. Below are some of the major reasons as to why we should jealously guard the Amazon.

1. Source of medicine

It is estimated that a quarter of the medicine consumed by humans is extracted from the natural trees in the forest. It should be considered that only 1% of the trees in the forests are tested for their medicinal value. Putting in mind a vast number of plantations are yet to be tested we should be hopeful that cure for disease such as HIV/AIDS can be discovered from the remaining species. Therefore, the indigenous vegetation should be preserved.

2. Water cycle regulation

The rainforest assist to regulate the water cycle in the world. Trees have a vital part to play in the regulation of the water. These trees ground the water in the roots and later release it into the air. The forests help to preserve the water and release it when required in the ecosystem. If all the forest cover is cleared, the climate will become dry and hunger will be experienced in a higher magnitude.

3. Averts climate change

Deforestation is dangerous because it affects climate change. Cutting down of trees removes the canopy that helps to retain the moisture in the ground during the day and retain some heat at night. The interruptions lead to extreme temperatures’ which affect humans, animals and plants. The trees help to absorb the excessive greenhouse gases that lead to global warming. When trees are cut down, more gases are left unabsorbed hence escalating the global warming menace.

4. Home to many species

Most of the earthbound animals live in the rainforests. Animals are an important component of the ecosystem. Cutting down the trees would disrupt the ecosystem since these animals will lack a place to call home.

5. Source of human food

Each person makes a trip to the grocery often. The bananas, pineapples, nuts, coffee beans among other consumable are harvested in the Amazon. Therefore, cutting down the trees would deprive the people of valuable food sources.

Every person should take responsibility and help to protect the rainforests because the future of the planet depends upon them. What are you doing to preserve the rain forests?