China has the most cameras in the world. Hundreds of millions of cameras are deployed on the streets, watching you every step of the way. City cameras will recognize your face everywhere, even if you are going to cross the road or use a public restroom. They are supposed to serve as crime prevention, but in reality it is a total control of people.

Face recognition system

The cameras work with face recognition technology and it is practically everywhere. In stores, just pay by showing your face. CCTV systems are intelligent and remember your clothes, they monitor your movement and your behavior. The cameras collect detailed information about people and evaluate you according to the social credit system. The system compares faces with a criminal database and thanks to this, thousands of criminals can be identified. The future of this technology is frightening. People receive ratings based on their social behavior. Information about people is stored. When someone has a bad social rating, people are not allowed to use trains or planes, for example.

This system is supposed to improve people’s morale. However, people are controlled by this system, forcing them to behave in such a way as to collect positive social evaluations and limiting them in what they can do. China is not the only country where facial recognition is used. More people around the world are experimenting with this system. This is a serious threat to freedom. Watch a detailed video report from VICE News below that shows how dangerous total control of people can be.