Food delivery robots pose a potential threat. They can deliver food to their customers regardless of the weather or other situations. A very nonchalant attitude was shown by a food delivery robot the moment it drove through an area cordoned off by police.

The robot shocked the police in Los Angeles

A robotic delivery service drove through police tape just to deliver food. The video was posted by the Film The Police LA, a popular police transparency page. It showed a food delivery robot (under the service of Serve Robotics) driving under the police tape. Serve Robotics works with Uber Eats, so it was about fulfilling the food order. Why was the place closed? A school shooting was suspected. It later turned out that it was just a HOAX. Even so, it was a traumatic experience. Speaking to Vice’s Motherboard, a spokesperson for this food delivery robot stated that they were also quite surprised with this situation.

Potential danger to many people

Food delivery technology poses a risk. They are not yet advanced enough to anticipate every situation that may arise. Many people fear that robots could be used for bombings. In the past, the robot was already used in a similar way. In 2016, Dallas police placed a bomb on a robot to help neutralize a suspected mass shooter. When the robot reached the shooter, the bomb was detonated and the shooter died. In the hands of the police, robots can be used for good purposes, but if such a robot fell into the hands of a madman, it could cause an attack on the civilian population.

The robot drove right past the police.

The number of food delivery robots is on the rise

The number of companies using drones or robots for food delivery is constantly increasing. Some robots are completely autonomous and others are controlled by controllers, similar to the Xbox controllers. Food delivery robots obstruct traffic, delay drivers and contribute to traffic congestion. When such a robot appears in someone’s path, people often do not know how to behave and how to dodge. Are food delivery robots really needed? Since their use is cheaper than employing people, their number will probably continue to grow in the future.

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