There are many people as well as the waste they produce. All waste should be disposed of as required by law. Waste needs to be recycled properly so that it does not destroy the environment. However, recycling waste is an expensive affair and it gives space to illegal waste smugglers. These smugglers take the waste out of the city or even to another country. Subsequently, the resulting landfill is usually set on fire. Toxic smoke is produced, which threatens people and nature. In this way, a whole range of waste is disposed of, from plastics to mixed waste, electronics, tires or even batteries.

Waste mafia

These are not isolated cases, waste smuggling is an organized crime involving a large number of people. For some people, this business is highly lucrative and they do not take into account the damage that this waste will cause. Watch below a current DW investigative document that reveals organized waste smugglers transporting waste to Romania, where it is incinerated. These practices are not just about Romania, it is easier for many companies to pollute the environment than to spend money on ecological waste recycling.