Intense video game play is more dangerous than previously thought. The more you play video games, the more you develop a “gamer brain”. It is a brain that is dependent on dopamine. Such a brain constantly longs for dopamine levels, which it obtains when playing games. This addiction controls your emotions, mental and physical health. This is a real addiction that ultimately affects a lifetime.

The gamer brain

One of the dependent players was a multimillionaire businessman and longtime player Alex Becker. Fortunately, he managed to escape from the circle and end his addiction to playing. In the video below, he explains why he never wants to play video games again.

Dopamine detox

One way to get rid of video game addiction is to quit them altogether. Such an option may not be suitable for everyone. You don’t have to stop playing completely, you can do a dopamine detox. This is an exercise that eliminates the activities that stimulate your brain the most and seem the most fun to you. For example, you can delete all games from your phone and computer. You can get a simple phone that can’t play complex games. You can also delete social media applications. To start with dopamine detox, you need to replace unhealthy activities with other activities. It is appropriate to include a new activity, preferably physical activity. The ideal choice is, for example, to start running, do some sport, travel or create something physical. The best helpers are friends with whom you can engage in these activities.

How long should a dopamine detox last?

It takes the brain about 2 weeks to return to normal dopamine levels. After completing this detox, you will enjoy video games even more and, in addition, you will be enriched with new activities that you learned during the detox. Many people play games because they use them as a mechanism to manage a certain life situation. In order not to become dopamine addicts again, you need to be careful to have enough other activities to distract you from playing.

Dopamine detox is discussed in detail by Dr. K. in the video below.


Image credit: Pixabay