Do you know how fast babies are born? Every 4 minutes, 1000 babies are born around the world. When you calculate how many babies are born in a whole day, it is a really huge number. But in which countries are children born most often?

Individual countries of birth of the next 1000 children

Infographic below showing which countries are most likely to welcome the next 1,000 babies based on population and birth rates as of 2022 estimates. The author of this work is Pratap Vardhan (Stats of India), he used data from the CIA World Factbook.

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India, which has 1.4 billion inhabitants, ranks first in the number of births. Out of every 1000 children born, 172 are born in India. Unfortunately, most children are born in countries with the greatest poverty and the lowest level of education. Below you can see a detailed comparison of when 1000 children will be born in the world and what countries they will come from.

Place Region Births per 1k global babies
India Asia 171.62
China Asia 102.84
Nigeria Africa 56.50
Pakistan Asia 47.23
Congo, Democratic Republic of the Africa 31.90
Indonesia Asia 31.20
United States Americas 30.42
Ethiopia Africa 25.44
Brazil Americas 22.27
Bangladesh Asia 21.52
Philippines Asia 18.75
Egypt Africa 16.98
Tanzania Africa 15.61
Uganda Africa 13.89
Mexico Americas 12.85
Vietnam Asia 11.96
Sudan Africa 11.79
Kenya Africa 10.82
Angola Africa 10.68
Afghanistan Asia 9.98
Russia Europe 9.85
Iran Asia 9.73
Mozambique Africa 8.72
Turkey Asia 8.71
Niger Africa 8.46
South Africa Africa 7.84
Cameroon Africa 7.65
Iraq Asia 7.34
Ghana Africa 6.94
Myanmar Asia 6.90
Japan Asia 6.34
Mali Africa 6.25
Algeria Africa 6.01
Cote d’Ivoire Africa 5.97
Madagascar Africa 5.93
France Europe 5.85
Germany Europe 5.62
Yemen Asia 5.61
Colombia Americas 5.48
Burkina Faso Africa 5.41
United Kingdom Europe 5.37
Chad Africa 5.34
Argentina Americas 5.29
Thailand Asia 5.19
Zambia Africa 5.03
Morocco Africa 4.70
Malawi Africa 4.27
Benin Africa 4.16
Senegal Africa 4.15
Peru Americas 04.08

Source & credit: Pratap Vardhan /