Everyone knows solar panels, they are an ecological source of electricity. In many places we can find solar fields that occupy a huge area. Are solar panels really the best solution? Solar trees are being built more and more often. Nature was the inspiration for their creation. Trees do not take up much space in nature and their leaves absorb a large amount of sunlight. Solar trees work in the same way.

Solar trees have many benefits

Solar trees have many different designs. Their shape resembles a tree, because they have a trunk from which the branches on which there are solar panels lead. These panels capture solar energy, convert it into electricity and send it to a central battery. A solar tree works the same way as a solar panel. The difference is that solar trees take up much less space. The same logic is used here as for high-rise buildings. A tall building does not take up much space and can hold more inhabitants than many small buildings. Solar trees also provide space for rare flora and fauna. The inspiration is solar trees in Singapore’s stunning Gardens By the Bay.

These trees use solar energy and at the same time do not disturb the lives of animals or plants. In an urban environment, they can have the great advantage of providing shielding. It will help in hot areas, where strong suns set the sidewalks high.

Innovative shapes and uses

Solar trees are highly efficient and only need a few square meters. They can power up to several households. Anyone can place them in the garden or in the backyard. Parking spaces are also a great location, taking up no space and providing protection for cars. Smartflower is one of the most interesting small solar trees. Each such tree has an output of up to 2.5 kW.

Credit: Smarflower

Spotlight Solar, which produces solar trees in many practical shapes, also came up with an interesting idea.

Credit: Spotlight Solar

Also worth noting is Beam Global, which has come up with solar trees and solar carports. These shelters act as charging stations.

Credit: Beam Global

Solar trees have existed for many years, but unfortunately they are not used as often yet. At the same time, they offer many benefits and it is likely that we will meet them more and more in the future.