The USA likes to present itself as a world gendarme. Why should one country determine how the rest of this planet should live? Over the past century, the United States has deployed its military bases around the world. No other country in the world has such a network of military bases in foreign territory. Military bases make it easy to control the area, act as a warning and also give the opportunity to intervene militarily at any time. Today there are more than 766 US bases scattered around the globe, spanning across more than 100 countries and hosting more than 250,000 soldiers, in addition to the one million-plus soldiers stationed in the US.

Democracy made in the USA

It is disgusting military imperialism. The number of bases is still growing, as are spending on armaments. Wars make up a significant part of the economic wealth from which the United States benefits. In order for the military machinery to make money, it is necessary to constantly create military conflicts. Is the US really striving for world peace or are they just lies? Without wars, the United States would lose a significant source of income. See a document from Java Discover below that explains why the US has military bases around the world.