Nikola Tesla was an inventor who is considered by many to be the greatest genius in history. He discovered secrets that remained hidden from the world. He has made many groundbreaking inventions to his credit, and many inventors have misappropriated inventions that were actually invented by Nikola Tesla. This man slept only 2 hours a day, devoting the rest of his time to his work, ie research and experiments. During his life, he patented over 300 inventions.

He invented, for example, AC, AC induction motor, radio transmission technology and much more. Tesla wanted all people to have free electricity, and this was to be made possible by the Wardenclyff Tower project, which would allow wireless distribution of electricity over long distances. However, rich and greedy people did not want people to have anything for free. The document below entitled “The Tragic Story of Nikola Tesla” will show you the sad fate of one of the greatest geniuses in history.