Nanotechnology is generally referred to as a technical field that deals with the creation and use of technologies on the scale of nanometers (usually about 1–100 nm), i.e. 10−9 m (billionths of a meter), which is approximately one thousandth of the thickness of a human hair. It is also a study of the possibility of manipulating matter at the atomic and molecular scales, using quantum-mechanical phenomena that are diametrically out of the understanding of the world visible to the naked eye. These phenomena, described in quantum physics, open up new perspectives in the fields of magnetic recording media, computing, electronics, optics and other scientific fields.

Nanotubes assemble! Rice introduces Teslaphoresis:

Nano particles of a few billionths of a meter can be seen under a microscope that magnifies objects 200,000 times. Nano structures of human skin, food and clothing can be seen with less magnification – 60 times.

From Lab to Fab: Pioneers in Nano-Manufacturing:

What Can Nano Particles with 5-G Cause in Our Bodies?

1 to 50 nanometers particles go through everything. 5-G is an energy source that allows nano particles to perform specific tasks in our bodies. If 5-G is fully enabled along with higher terahertz frequencies, then nanotechnology will be able to stimulate neurological activity and emotions, transmit data and receive instructions from 5-G devices.

An independent researcher Tony Pantalleresco, from Canada, has been studying the harmful effects of nanotechnology almost for eight years, stated: “It will collect in the body and build what they call and top-down the bottom-up assembly, where it will connect and form its networks and expand.

If it is on the surface and it is over a hundred nanometers in size you can see it with a 60-X scope in artificial light. In natural sunlight you can see it because of stealth technology.

I have pulled nano wires out of my body. I could see a small portion of the wire, but when the lens was different, I could see the full extent of the wire. I have pulled what looked like a little dot on my nose and I had a 4 inch long fullerene thread. ”

How Can We Protect Ourselves from 5-G and Nanotechnology?

Tony Pantalleresco’s team is developing techniques that can be used to protect themselves against nanotechnology, 4-G and 5-G radiation. They advise to eat meat, animal saturated fats, eggs, small amount of root vegetables and fruits. Zinc, copper and iodine help to renew the glands. Any chloride keeps our inside clean. The chloride form of copper and zinc is recommended for its ability to break the biofilms and maintain the immune system.

Tony Pantalleresco explains that the facts about supplements are distorted: “For example, you can take much more copper than they are telling you to take. The 2 mg strength is not going to anything. It is not going to poison you. I have taken 20 to 30 times more than the RDA recommendation for more than four years and I am still waiting for the side effects.

If you have 30 mg of copper and 30 mg of zinc, then this produces high levels of SOD which produces high levels of glutathione which helps to boost the immune system to clean up nano.”

Deactivating the Programming of Nanotechnology before Using Detoxification Procedures

Tony Pantalleresco highlights: “The biggest thing you have to do is to deactivate it. If you do not have it and you hit it with any direct force, it will change its morphology – it will create its own defense mechanism and become something completely different than what it is. It will still maintain its directive, but it will be impervious to your assault.”

Here is a recipe for the Anti-Nano Bucket and the Anti-Nano Triangle by Tony Pantalleresco:

A 5-gallon nano bucket must be wrapped with copper wire around the outer edge. The bucket contains 2 parts distilled vinegar to 1 water, at least cup of salt, plus 1 teaspoon of oil. The detox mixture must be disposed of after one use.

How to make the AntiNano device:

The anti-nano triangle is made up of magnets and wires (a triangle-shaped coil is created). 1 capsule of DMSO or 20 drops of essential oil, or both can be added. The nano materials are released and collected in oil at the top of the vinegar / water mixture.

AntiNano triangle:

Someone gets results immediately. It may take one to two months for other individuals.

The Case of a Terrorized Woman

Pantalleresco’s team had and woman whose biofilm level was off the chart. As a targeted person she was attacked by frequencies and subjected to experimentation. She couldn’t sleep, she couldn’t work normally. Despite the strongly warning, not to use device (such as Rife, Spooky, Zappers, Tens machines) that changes the nano particle morphology and hit the entire neuro-net, the woman did not deactivate nano invasion in her body, she did use the Spooky device and died in two and a half years after a futile fight.

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