Disposable tableware pollutes the planet as well as other disposable plastic products. Only a small percentage of them go through the recycling process. Most wait for decomposition in landfills for centuries. Containers made of polystyrene have a decomposition period of about 500 years. The Peruvian company has launched alternative containers that biodegrade in just two months. Innovative biodegradable dishes are made of banana leaves and contain no harmful substances.

Fast food is a popular way of eating and has a long tradition among people. Some meals can be taken directly into your hand wrapped in a napkin. Others, such as meat and vegetables in sauce, must be served in a container. Disposable polystyrene containers and plastic plates are a major trend.

Banana Leaf Dishes

A young Peruvian the Chuwa Plant group recently introduced a new project called Bio Plant. Their goal is to reduce the use of plastics in the world. Biodegradable dishes made from banana leaves is intended to replace plastic dishes and improve the environmental situation where polystyrene and plastics contaminate soil and watercourses.

Bio Plant plates also have pleasant natural colors, contain no carcinogenic substances or petroleum derivatives. It is completely biodegradable within 60 days.

The company has won the Bio Challenge competition. The Innovate Peru program has partially funded special machines, such as the press, die cutter, and shipper, needed to produce this banana leave dishes. As a result, Bio Plant produces 50,000 dishes per month.

Respect for Banana Trees

Banana trees are not harmed, they are not cut down, their leaves are not plucked. Only leaves that break off when harvesting bananas are used. The company works directly with banana producers in the Peruvian Amazon who receive fair prices, as well as training on how to handle banana leaves to make the material usable.

Banana leaves have a wider use. For example, the Philippine Café uses banana leaf straws.

How can everyone improve the pollution situation on the Earth? Just bring your own reusable container and refill your favorite food. This will definitely reduce the proliferation of waste.

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