What do you imagine when you say ‘pink’? The typical girl’s color in nature appears most among plant species. Roses, orchids, hibiscus… The whole list cannot be listed. Here and there, you will come across pink with precious stones and some animals. The pink flamingo will not surprise anyone. Have you ever heard of the pink dolphin?

This unique pink mammal gained popularity 12 years ago. Captain Erik Rue spotted a unique inhabitant of the Calcasieu River in Louisiana. A river dolphin swam in front of a large ship along the Calcasieu Ship Channel.

Pink Calf

The female of the pink dolphin has brought a baby this year. The cute newborn mammal got the nickname Pinky.

According to Captain Rue’s description, the dolphin has red eyes, and its skin is smooth and shiny and has a pink color.

It is a rare genetic mutation – albinism. The birth of a baby gives hope that a new unique line of pink dolphins can maintain and grow.

Tourists Love Them

The sight of the pink dolphin brings joy to the tourists and residents of Louisiana. Pinky has an official Facebook page.

Here is a movie of joyfully jumping pink dolphin:

This intelligent social creature lives in the Amazon basin. Hong Kong also boasts a pink rarity, but their number is decreasing due to pollution. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) said that the dolphin population is steadily declining and has therefore been included in the list of endangered species.

Let’s put on pink glasses and believe that this rare, unique dolphin line will be preserved.

Source and credit: http://www.trueactivist.com/a-rare-and-unique-pink-colored-river-dolphin-gives-birth-to-her-calf-in-louisiana-t1/