In common practice, it looks like we buy a product packed mostly in plastic. We unpack the product, use it, throw the packaging away. Nothing unusual. We are all used to it since we first opened our eyes to this world. The Czech drugstore decided to motivate customers not to waste unnecessary packaging and set up an eco-friendly hygienic filling station.

More and more people perceive surplus packaging as plain unnecessary waste. They are aware of the effects on climate and the environment. They know that the situation needs to be changed. Some countries are facing a lack of space for waste disposal. Others do not have a properly configured waste management system. Landfills burst at the seams.

Packaging-free Hygiene Products

Over the past few decades, packaging-free shops with cereals, legumes, pastries, tea, coffee, and many other foods have grown. Now it would be up to the drugstore.

Czech drug store ROSSMANN, in cooperation with Henkel, Czech Republic, recently installed a machine for dispensing liquid hygiene products. The customers can buy empty container or simply bring their own, which they can fills with 8 liquid products of Henkel company, including washing gel, shampoo, shower gel or other body and hair care products.

“To support the drug-free packaging we have chosen the products that are most popular with our customers the most widely used,” explains Roman Kýr, CEO Henkel Czech Republic.

How Many Shampoo Packs Do You Buy per Month?

Most products from any industry are packaged in plastic packaging. These packages are still produced in large volumes as manufacturers respond to demand.

How many hygiene products do we buy in one month? How many plastic containers will we throw away after we consume them? How many of them go through the recycling process? In order to be able to answer these questions, we would need a relevant study on this topic.

If people have the option of choosing a sustainable method of shopping, they do that.

“Packaging-free drugstore offers a simple and effective solution to truly help nature while enjoying the purchase. Everyone can contribute and save our planet by their decision,” said Olga Stanley, ROSSMANN Communications Manager.

The motto of the Czech drugstore is: “Beauty is saving nature together”. If we want to help reduce the spread of plastic waste on Earth, we must start with ourselves.  

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