Warm embrace brings feelings of security and acceptance. How much is the power of hug? Scientists have found that embracing not only works well on our psyche, but also on our body: children who get more hugs have more developed brains.

The Power of Hug

If you embrace a sad child after he has broken her knee, his mood will improve. When you endure the crying toddler, it calms down. A newborn baby naturally sucks breast milk safely from the mother’s breast. The fetus feels in the prenatal period before it sees. Touch is the first of the five senses to evolve.

It is likely that if your parents hugged you a lot, you may be smarter than your peers who have been deprived of it.

The First Hour after Birth

The behavior of the baby one hour after birth has a positive effect on normalization of its body temperature, heart rhythm and respiratory cycle. The baby calms down and cries less.

An infant massage brings many benefits for a baby and mother: the baby sleeps better, feels loved and safely accepted, improves bowel movement, digestion and weight gain. The baby and mother look more relaxed, neurological function improves as well.

A report in Pediatrics Child Health, published in the PMC, states that previously unborn babies “split up” less after being held for 10 minutes a day. They also found that children who had been stimulated 20 minutes a day increased their development scores.

Premature babies who were gently stimulated showed greater appetite, weight gain and greater mobility, were longer awake, better adapted to repeated stimuli, and aware of their bodies. After a year they scored with high weight, growth and motor skills and reduced mild neurological dysfunctional symptoms.

Hug Hormone

Oxytocin levels, also known as “happiness hormone” or “love hormone”, increase during breastfeeding, orgasm, and hugs.

Scientists from the Weizman Institute have discovered that this hormone as a design crew for their own future blood vessel pathways in the embryonic brain. Thanks to this, their brain can produce oxytocin after it develops fully. Oxytocin has effects on our cognitive, emotional and social behavior.

Thanks to hugging, we grow, mentally and physically.

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