Manufacturers are trying to attract consumers to interesting food packaging. They often write on the packaging that the food is healthy, that it is for weight loss or that it is a BIO product. However, such information is not always true. You can buy instant porridge for weight loss, which actually contains a large amount of sugar. You can also buy a product that is supposed to be environmentally friendly and after reading the detailed information you will find that it contains palm oil. It is important to learn to understand food information. Nowadays, many people are already paying attention to what they are buying. More and more people prefer foods without added sugar, in organic quality and without preservatives. For eggs, people prefer those from free range and not those from cage farms. If you want to buy healthy food, it is important to learn to read labels. See the infographic below, which explains what each label means.

Important information on food labels is also provided in the UN video entitled “Why is reading food labels so important?”.

Credit:, UN