Watercourses are full of garbage that gets into the ocean and destroys fauna and flora here. A great solution has appeared on the market that could solve the problem of garbage in rivers. The Dutch company RanMarine came to the market with unique water drones that can collect trash in the water. The inspiration for the development of this machine comes from a whale shark that swims through the ocean with its mouth open and filters plankton. Drones work similarly, floating on water and filtering trash from the water.

Credit: RanMarine

Technology that will support the environment

The company’s invention is called WasteShark. This device is designed to move along pre-set routes in a selected water course. This drone collects not only trash, but also important data and is designed to avoid collisions in water. It has zero greenhouse gas emissions, is easy to operate and portable. Its weight is only 72 kg. It has a container for 160 liters of waste and can remove up to 500 kg of waste in a single day.

Its propulsion is provided by two electric jets and its maximum speed is 3km/h. It has compact dimensions of 157x52x109 cm. Those interested can either buy or rent the WasteShark. It is a revolutionary technology that would greatly relieve many polluted streams. Many rivers around the world are plagued by large amounts of trash, and trash-collecting drones could be the solution.

Credit: RanMarine

Other technologies are emerging in the world

More than 8 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean every year. If garbage collection technology is used, this number could be significantly reduced. All over the world, solutions that can fight waste are increasing. For example, in Italy, one company came up with buoys that rotate and send the waste to a collection cage on the shore. The buoys are called River Cleaning and are one of the other options for effectively fighting waste in waterways.

Image credit: RanMarine