The pharmaceutical industry is expected to address the health problems of ordinary people. However, his goal is primarily to make money. If people were really healed, the pharmaceutical industry could not generate a profit. It has a huge impact on the health policies of individual countries. Pharmaceutical companies are constantly producing new drugs, and their development is often paid for with public money. There is often a fact that some drugs have side effects.

The greed of this industry threatens public health and, ultimately, the health of each of us. Most drugs are manufactured by only a few corporations, the so-called “Big Pharma”. In the United States, Johnson & Johnson has had to stand trial for leading millions to opioid addiction. There are a huge number of lobbyists in this industry, secret research and information that is hidden from the public. Check out below a new investigative document entitled “Big Pharma – How much power do drug companies have?”, Which will give you important information about how the pharmaceutical business works.