In some parts of the world, air pollution is a problem that threatens not only the environment but also the health of the population. Can you imagine that polluted air would turn into useful objects? The cooperation of 2 Indian companies led to the production of floor tiles from CO2.

An air purifier that is affordable even for poor families

Angad Daryani is the inventor who invented the filterless air purifier that collects hazardous particles. This purifier was made so that it would not be expensive and could be afforded by many families. Its acquisition costs are not higher than for the purchase of a new iPhone. The purifier can filter 300 cubic feet of air per minute and that is enough for one family house. The company Angad Daryani founded is called Praan. The company has received an investment of $ 1.5 million because it offers an efficient yet inexpensive solution that even poor families can afford. India is not the only country to fight high air pollution. A large number of countries have shown interest in treatment plants. These devices could also be widely used in schools, hotels and industrial buildings.

The devices created by Angad Daryani can scrub particulates from the air without the need for a filter (Credit: Angad Daryani /Praan)

Waste from the air purifier is used for the production of tiles

The waste that is trapped in the treatment plant’s collection chamber is used by another Indian company called Carbon Craft Design. Modern floor and wall tiles are made from the captured CO2.

The waste from the treatment plant is first mixed with stone waste from mining to create a stylish floor covering. One carbon tile is equivalent to preventing 5 kg of CO2. It is a project that will reduce air pollution and may become an inspiration for many people around the world.

Credit: Carbon Craft Design

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