Are you upset about what is happening around you? Everywhere there is only censorship, the mainsteam media is deceiving you again, the truth is labeled as a lie or a conspiracy theory. Maybe it’s too much for you and you need a little intellectual laugh. The latest production from Joe Dan Gorman and Intellectual Froglegs was released last week. This edition was labeled – Breaking the Matrix.

Enjoy Breaking the Matrix

Joe Dan shares:

If you love America… it’s crunch time. And although unlike any other in history—this is war. The stakes have never been higher in my life.

Our freedom is at stake. Our children’s futures are at stake… and we’re barreling towards the most consequential midterm elections ever… against an enemy that has no moral guardrails, whatever. They are evil.

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are…if you’re rich, or if you’re poor— everybody can do something.

And for those of you that know me, you know I’m no sycophant of anyone except for my Lord and Savior.

Here is Joe Dan’s latest video: