Across the globe, humans aspire to have perfect government systems, which would uphold human chastity. Humans desire freedom of doing things with minimum interference. Moreover, people search for opportunities for prosperity. It is also the wish of humans to see few humanity suffering. Across the globe, people implement reforms and policies aimed at guaranteeing the health of the children. It is ideal to live in secure neighborhood with minimal crimes. All the above are ideal social standards aspired by every human but it entails divergent political goodwill to achieve the same. This is because humans will prefer either Liberal or Conservative Politics leading to warring factions based on ideologies.

Liberal politics

Liberals believe in an active government, which directs its efforts in providing citizen equality. This means providing equal opportunity for all. Liberals believe that it is the responsibility of the government to assuage social ills afflicting any society. The government should protect and guarantee civil liberties. In this case, the government should provide every citizen with their basic human and individual rights. The government should ensure and provide for every citizen needs to ensure no citizen lacks basic human needs. According to the liberals, the government should implement liberal policies, which demand that, the government should solve citizen problems. It means government serving its citizens.

Conservative politics

Conservative politics hold contrary belief where everybody is accountable. Conservatives advocate for personal accountability. This means limited government interference such as free markets and personal freedom. However, despite calling for personal liberties, conservatives demand the government to assume the role of protecting the citizens. This means the country valuing its traditional values in the international spheres while maintaining strong national security. In this case, the conservatives believe that the core mandate of the government is to guarantee the citizens the necessary freedom to accomplish personal goals. Unlike the liberal policies, conservatives’ policies entail empowerment where every citizen can solve their personal issues.

Liberal vs Conservative politics

It is quite common for both the Liberals and Conservatives to monopolize their political debates. They normally concentrate on their inherent differences to maintain cultural, relevance, and distinctiveness for national cohesion. However, least similarities exist between the two ideological divides as opposed to their marked differences. The key similarity between the two is that both believe in hierarchies. They both advocate hierarchical system for societal grouping as the ideal principle of organizing the society. Despite the two supporting and advocating for a hierarchical system, they merely disagree on who should lead these societal systems.