You shall probably also protest if someone comes to your house and starts destroying it. Animals must, however, regularly face such challenges, mainly due to deforestation, which keeps growing rapidly in some places on the planet. If we continue to destroy the forests, we must beware of the fact that we damage not only the home of many animals but also the essential organs that we all need for our life – the heart and lungs of the Earth. By destroying the forests, we are making the animals homeless, but we are gradually destroying ourselves.

Shocking deforestation campaign

This fact is to be highlighted by a campaign created by creative artistic director Ganesh Prasad Acharya and copywriter Kaushik Katty Roy. These horrific advertising posters bring to our lives the shocking but true effects of deforestation. Advertising posters were designed for “Sanctuary Asia” – the most significant environmental news magazine in India. For some, such images may not be acceptable, but they bring important messages about what happens when deforestation continues.

Moreover, deforestation negatively affects the issue of greenhouse gases and is one of the most significant factors contributing to global climate change.

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